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Profiles & Features

“Carolyn and Oscar Goodman's Unlikely Sin City Fairy Tale”

The definitive look at the blueblood human dynamo behind the "Mob Mayor" of Las Vegas.


“Shoot The Messenger”

Legal gunslinger Ed Langer was at the top of Milwaukee's IRS pyramid – until he saw something that he just couldn't let go.


“Wild About Wild Things”

As Door County and the Wisconsin Legislature have both learned since 1985, here's a state-park friends group that MEANS it when they talk about “keeping it real.”


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B2B & Business

“An Outlaw's MBA Hit Parade”

Rating 10 quintessential Twin Cities business classes.


“Contractor Cited In Building Collapse: OSHA seeks fines in UW accident”

The first and definitive spot-news account of the consequences for a Wisconsin contractor after a construction disaster.


“Lose The Waste; Keep The Rose: Old Dominion CARSTAR's Brave New Redesign”

An in-depth look at how an Oregon body shop embraced new-wave business principles, took the plunge -- and thrived.


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“Mean Streets”

Face-to-face with street gangs and "the rock" in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Imagine Being Judged By ‘A Jury Of Your Peers' Made Up Entirely Of Members Of Another Race”

An award-winning expose that helped change things for the better in Dane County, Wisconsin.


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Editorials & Reviews

“Happy Drunks; Mean Drunks: There's a St. Patrick's Day lesson about cops in here somewhere”

A cornerstone of Las Vegas Weekly's decidedly only-in-Vegas “Alcohol Appreciation Issue” in 2001, this editorial was a big awards winner too.

“Rugrats and Ritalin: Can Chuckie survive the City of Light and find a new mom to boot?”

A kids' movie favorite gets the once-over from an adult – and comes up smelling, well … like kids.


“Cowboys In The Cubicles: New city gun-totin' policy shoots blanks”

Taking on a Second Amendment controversy in Vegas, while following one of the city's longest-standing credos: Lighten up.


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“A Holiday Tour Of Milwaukee's Worship Services”

Too lazy for church this season? Read this story instead.

“The Best And Worst Under The Dome”

A survey of more than 400 lawmakers and lobbyists reveals who calls the shots, who works the hardest – and, among other things, who might be mistaken for State Capitol furniture.


“The Theater's The Thing”

Five great theater-town meeting venues that'll make your event SPECIAL.


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“‘You can come back from something like this'”

Burned horribly by a commuter-bus arsonist, a Madison, Wisconsin couple opens up for the first time about their ordeal – and how they'll face the future.

“Jamie Flood Was A Gifted UW-Madison Student And High Jumper. And Then, He Was Gone”

Was the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department to blame in the death of a would-be track star?


“Do We Need A Mental Health Court?”

In 2002, Dane County, Wisconsin judges blocked a push to create one. But advocates say they're better for jails and inmates. Here are the pros and cons, and how the courts work.


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Law & Politics

“The Player”

Yet another definitive, up-close-and-personal report: on the far-flung insider activities of lobbyist and former state Democratic Party Chair William Gerrard, one of the most influential – and publicity-shy – figures in Wisconsin political history.

“Mr. Inside, Mr. Outside”

Which one is which? It's a little hard to tell as a Capitol powerhouse and a self-made business success square off in a bellwether Wisconsin state Senate race.


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“How High Can He Fly?”

A portrait of future All-American and NBA All Star Michael Finley as a (very smart) senior at the University of Wisconsin.

“Suzy Supreme”

Former Olympian and UW star Suzy Favor Hamilton has a new life and ambitious new goals as a runner.


“When The Cheers Fade”

For great athletes like the onetime Badgers we spoke to, adjusting to life after stardom can be tough.


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“Shadowy Connections”

Is the Mafia still in Milwaukee? Was it ever in Milwaukee?


“The Town Of Madison's PD Blues”

A sizzling cop-versus-cop misconduct case wreaks havoc in a hard-pressed suburb.


“The Feds And J.J. Ewers”

Was he a hotshot lawyer who thought he was above the law? Or the victim of a drug war that's getting REALLY personal?


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“The Squirrel Whisperer Of North Hudson”

Railroad welder Dan O'Connor has a special gift: bringing tiny orphans back from death's door.



“Bike Maverick Art Doyle's 30 Years Of Passion”

He took on the Twin Cities big boys from a tiny shop in Wisconsin. Decades later, he's still standing. Some of the big boys aren't.



“The Godfather's Surgeon – Sort Of”

Octogenarian David Florence was chauffered to his high-school prom in an armored limo. He went to med school at Harvard and treated celebrities like Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor. His new memoir tells all.


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This & That I

“Student Of The Game”

Lucy Gallardo's BIG education payoff at Inland Empire Auto Body and Paint.

“The Back Door”

Inside Sommerset Circle, Madison, Wisconsin's most notorious low-income housing project.


“With These Assets, I Thee Wed: The Essentials Of Merging The Happy Couple's Finances”

Sure you're in love, but Cloud Nine can turn into a nasty thunderstorm fast if you don't keep money matters in order.


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This & That II

“A Haunting In Mineral Point”

Looking for a getaway that'll test your imagination? How about Wisconsin's oldest operating inn?


“Letters From Spelman”

Dispatches from one of America's most prestigious historically black women's colleges.

“The Fight For FOX 47”

The egos were big, the stakes were high, and the fur was flying when Channel 47's owners had a falling out.


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